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Three French Bullgod Puppies


What is a Turn Key puppy?
A turn key puppy is a puppy that goes home to its new owners trained in basic obedience, potty trained, crate trained, socalized and more. If you have a busy life and the thought of a new puppy and all those puppy behaviors (chewing on things, mouthing/biting, peeing & pooping in the house, jumping on you and household furniture, ectra) have you thinking twice, but still you feel like you can't live without that new puppy. Then a turnkey puppy is just what you need!

Do any of these sound like you?

“My kids want a puppy, but I don’t have time for all a new puppy needs.”

"I want a dog as a companion, but I have to busy of a schedule to train one......

“I want a puppy, but I don’t want to deal with new puppy problems like house training, teething and him/her getting into things.”

If any of these are you, we have the solution.
You need a Turn Key puppy.

All training takes place at our facility where your puppy is raised as part of our family.  

  • Our turnkey puppy prices include training sessons for your puppy with our certified trainer.  ​

  • 4 private lessons via FaceTime, Zoom or google duo with our certified trainer for out of state or non local clients.  Our local clients will recieve 4 private in person lessons. These lessons are to help the new owner understand how the puppy was trained; what commands/ cues are used.  

  • All commands/cues taught to the puppy will need to be conditioned throughout his/her life. 

  • Each week our trainer will send you a update on how your puppy is doing with training via video and pictures.   

  • A puppy binder with detailed written training reports, all puppy paper work given by the breeder, all vet paper work including vaccine certificates & medical history and any certificates or titles your puppy earned. 

All our Turnkey puppies go home up to date on vaccinations, deworming and microchipped (if specified by new owners).   Potty trained, crate trained, and well mannered. Our basic Turnkey puppy program has puppies with our certified trainer from 8 weeks to 20 weeks of age. A full 90 days socailizing and training for your puppy. We do offer a more advanced Turnkey puppy program for 120 days of training. Please contact us for more information on our advanced program.

 During our 90 day program your puppy will be be taught through positive reinforcement and clicker training and will learn :

  • Sitting

  • release/free

  • down

  • stay

  • Recall/ Coming when called

  • Loose leash manners

  • Heeling 

  • Dropping it

  • Leaving it

  • Sit for examination

  • Grooming and handling

  • Go to place

  • Properly greeting another dog and calmly walking past other dogs. 

  • Off (off people, off furniture)

  • Properly greeting strangers.

  •  Appropriate play with people and dogs.

  • No resource guarding of food, chews, bones or toy. 

All of the commands/cues taught will be appropriate for puppies age. 

We use a positive reinforcement and clicker training. Our goal is to raise a dog that is well behaved and pleasant for everyone to be around. The principle of this type of training is simple, mark and reward correct behaviors and ignore or correct unwanted behaviors. The type of reward we use is a treat , toy or verbal praise. Our correction are verbal such as  “NO”.  

Our philosophy is based off 100's of hours of continued education and certified courses.  We understand proper socalization and training from puppyhood is very important to form a well rounded happy dog.  

During your puppies time in training we will be  teaching your dog how to live harmonious with his/her family. Our curriculum includes:

  • Being respectful of the home and human belongings.  Toys and treats are provided for playtime, crating and puppy teething. Your puppy will have a crate and bedding,  All furniture will be off limits. 

  • We strive to create a environment that nurtures a happy and playful puppy.  However your puppy needs to understand when it’s time to listen and be calm. 

  • Puppies naturally love everyone they meet, but they also need to do so in a calm respectful manner.  No jumping, whempering, barking, growling or biting when greeting humans or other animals.

  • Resource guarding food or toys is unacceptable behavior. Something that may seem harmless can easily lead to more serious aggression issues. 

  • All playtime with other dogs is supervised. 

  • Bedtime is for sleeping.  The correct amount of exercise and following a routine is required. This helps your puppy feel confident and secure. 

  • Crate training will be used in the process of potty training. It also will discouraging any unwanted wandering and doesn't allow them to get in to things.  As your dog gets older thier kennel becomes a "safe place". Just like people dogs enjoy having their own area.

​In addition to our daily learning; your puppy can experience going on hikes in many differnet natural enviroments, trips to our local feed and hardware stores and enjoying a nice stroll in our small town.  This will help introduce your puppy too many new and different tyes of environments. And help them learn to greet other animals and people. 

Let us help you get off to the right start and help provide you with a happy well behaved puppy!

A Puppy Playing with a Toy


*Introduction to potty and crate training
*Socialization with dogs, people and other animals.
*Exposure to multiple stimulants
*Confidence building
*Name recognition 
* Introduction to house manners

Image by Mathis Jrdl


*Introduction to potty and crate training

*Basic Obedience & Graduation from the AKC Star puppy course

*Socialization with dogs, people and other animals.

*Leash manners

*Exposure to multiple stimulants

*Confidence building

*Name recognition 

* Introduction to house manners

Image by Larissa V


Every thing from our 2 month program plus
*Introduction training for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. 
*Continued exposure to car rides, vet visits and grooming.
*Exposure to large groups of people, town settings and more.
*Perimeter/ Boundary recognition.

Image by Sophia Kunkel


same as 3 month program plus

*Introduction to training for Canine Life and Social Skills B.A program.

*Off leash recall

*Continued exposure to visual & audio stimulants.

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