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Image by Patrick Hendry


Welcome to the CK Adventure Club!
Our name says it all! We are an active, fun, and social group of dog-lovers exploring local trails together with our dogs! 

Covenant Keeper's K9 Training, LLC founded the CK Adventure Club in 2022 to bring together dog lovers in Western Colorado for local dog hikes.

We try and host 1-2 dog hikes a month May- October. Our goal is to promote health, wellness, social relationships, and well trained adventure pups.


All of our dog hikes are designed with your dog’s safety and enjoyment in mind. Towards that end, we require the following in order for your dog to participate in our dog hiking program.

– be in good health –
– be well-trained and obedient to voice commands –
– be dog-social and people-social –
– be current on their vaccines –
– not be in heat –

-have completed at least beginner obedience through Covenant Keeper's k9-

-All dogs MUST be at least 5 months of age-

-Spaying/Neutering is NOT required to participate-

-All dogs are required to wear proper walking equipment, in good condition (no tears or rips in collars, leashes, or harnesses)-

-All dogs MUST be on leash at all times during class-

-Please wear closed toed shoes for safety-

-Please bring your own water and bowl-

-Treats are NOT required, but can be brought for individual use.

-We ask that you use a 6′ line-of-sight lead so that your dog does not infringe on the space of other dogs or get leashes tangled. There is no off-leash hiking during group hikes-

-We recommend a backpack for your dog in order to enrich their experience and allow them to carry their water and snacks-

Please RSVP at least 48 Hours in advance for each hike so we can send you the details! 

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