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Going back to school doesn’t have to be a chore. Both you and your pet will enjoy learning together with our trainer. We provide innovative animal training programs designed for the casual pet owner, as well as for aspiring and experienced trainers. Please visit our 'book online" for our schedule and ability to book your class right away!


$150 for 6 weeks

This is a 6 week long socialization class. This is all about preparing your puppy to be well adjusted dog by giving them a good experience with things they will do in the real world. 

Puppies Learn:

- Veterinary experiences are safe (Handling, grooming and being examined)

- Being  handled by other people is safe (ear, paws, tail and mouth)

- Confidence building (Tunnels, Ball pit)

- Noises aren't scary

-Puppy play interaction

- Basic obedience skills (sit, down, stay, recall, loose leash walking, greeting people nicely, impulse control)

This class is for dogs 8 weeks- 4 months 

Class is based off the requirements for CLASS High School Certification and AKC Star Puppy.

Three French Bullgod Puppies



This is a 6 week puppy foundation class for the puppy parent who wants to do more activities or sports with their dogs as an adult or who finds joy in creative training. So you want to play agility, nosework, rally, freestyle, frisbee, trick dog titles or more? This is a great place to start with your puppy. This class is about teaching the foundation skills you will benefit from when your puppy is all grown up and want to do the fun stuff. 

Puppies Learn:

- How to learn through clicker training (shaping, capturing, luring behaviors)

-Hind end awareness (for precision heeling, position changes, jumping foundation, 2 on 2 off skills, and more)

-Flatwork for agility (sending around, running through jumps)

- Confidence on unstable footing (wobble boards, pause table, tunnel)

-Targeting (hand targets and sending targets)

-Using toys as a reward

-Mat work

-Body awareness tricks like spin, roll over, back up.

This class is for puppies 4 mon to 8 mon. We require puppies to have taken puppy class before taking this class. 

A Puppy Playing with a Toy


$150 for 6 week class

This is a 6 week long basic level class!  Dogs will be introduced to foundation skills and learning through clicker training.  This can be used as a first class or a refresher if your pup hasn’t mastered all of the skills

Dogs Learn:

- Offering attention and focus

- Sit

- Down

- Hand Target (used for coming when called and greeting people nicely)

- Greeting people nicely (4 paws on the floor)

- Impulse control (leave it)

- Settle on a mat

- Loose Leash walking

- Stay

- Comfortable with body handling by owner

This class is for dogs 6 months or older who need to learn the basics.  Dogs should be comfortable in a group class setting with other dogs and people around–if you are unsure, please contact us and we will help you decide if group class is right for your dog

Black Dog


$150 for 6 week class

This is a 6 week long class that builds on the foundation skills taught in beginner Obedience.  We start adding in more duration to behaviors, adding distractions, and asking the dog to do more for the same amount of pay. 

Students will have the opportunity to take the CLASS BA test at the end of this class.

Dogs Learn:

- Offering attention and focus in more challenging environments

- Sit and Down with increasing distractions

- Sitting as a friendly stranger approaches

- Impulse control and Leave It with very enticing bait items

- Leash walking with more distracting environments

- Sit at doors

- Stay for longer durations and with more distractions

- Come when called

- Body handling from strangers (vet and groomer practice)

Man and His Dog


$150 for 6 week class

This is a 6 week long advanced obedience class! This class continues to build on the skills learned in Beginner and Beginner 2 by refining those skills and taking them to the next level with more duration, distraction, and distance.  Students will have the opportunity to take the Canine Good Citizen and CLASS MA test at the end of this class.

Dogs Learn:

- Politely greeting strangers

- Allowing handling by a stranger

- Calmly walking past another dog on leash

- Coming when called

- Supervised separation

- Working for longer stretches of time with fewer rewards

Prerequisites: dogs must have successfully completed Beginner Obedience or have instructor approval from an equivalent class or private training package.  Dogs should be comfortable in a group class setting with other dogs and people around–if you are unsure, please contact us and we will help you decide if group class is right for your dog.

Dogs with Dog Walker


$150 for 6 week class

Here at CKK9, our Advanced Obedience program is based on the Association of Professional Dog Trainer’s “Canine Life And Social Skills” program (C.L.A.S.S.) PhD. Degree earned by passing level’s test.

This is a 7 week long class.  Dogs will learn all the skills required to pass the PhD level CLASS test.

Dogs Learn:

- Loose leash walk up to the door, sit and wait while owner opens it (while owner carries a box)

- Loose leash walking through obstacles (while owner carries a box)

-Back up away from owner or while in heel position

- Stay while owner walks away to place box down

Prerequisite: Dogs must have completed the MA CLASS level and passed the test

- Come when called through a gauntlet of toys and food

- Greet a friendly stranger and allow body handling

- Offer attention after there is a knock at the door and a stranger enters

- Settle on a mat while owner sits at a table with a ‘friend’ and eats a snack

- Demonstrates an ability to respond to ‘sit’ no matter what their owner looks like (through a door, or while owner lays on the ground, or when owner is standing on a chair, etc)

Best Buddies


Case by cas

This course is ideal for anyone having behavioral issues with their dog. Our Behavior Consulting and training is with our behaviorist Aleisha. We will provide you with a theoretical and practical training plan, and help you build the best possible relationship with your pet. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

Dog Running


$50 per hr at business location $75 per hr off location

We offer one on one in-home training for behavior modification, basic manners, competition dog sports, and puppy prep/puppy raising!  Some dogs and their owners are better served through private training than through group classes for a variety of reasons.

Not all dog training needs can be addressed through group classes, not all people can “take home” what they learn in class, and not all people have the schedules to fit in weekly group classes.  Thankfully Covenant Keeper's K9 offers private in-home training for a wide variety of needs and has a wide range in scheduling availability.

All of our private training packages are custom designed to meet each student’s individual needs.  We will create a training plan or behavior plan specific to your dog and the concerns and goals we discuss during an Initial Consultation.

Girl with Her Dog


$150 for 6 week class

We cater to people who enjoy training their dog and want to do more with them!  Whether you would like to pursue non-competitive options like the Canine Good Citizen certifications, the three degrees (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) of the Canine Life And Social Skills program (CLASS), trick dog training, or Therapy Dog/ Service Dog work or you would like to pursue competitive dog sports like Rally-O, we can take you and your dog to the next level!

We offer group classes and private instruction geared toward taking training to the next level with new and fun activities! We will meet the needs of each individual student and their goals.  If you are just looking to get involved with Rally casually and to practice basic skills in a new and fun way, that’s fantastic!  We can help them learn to have a good time and improve their skills.  If you want to become a nationally ranked, highly precise, and skilled team competing in Rally, we can help you reach those goals as well.

What we have learned that training with a goal in mind, whether the CLASS  degrees, a trick dog title, or an official dog sport title, helps motivate students to continue to work with their dog.  This partnership, working towards a goal, has this great effective of improving the bond between dog and handler. They truly become a team, whether pursuing competitive adventures or not!  We love seeing students getting pulled into a sport or activity and having a blast with their dog!

Dog Training
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