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When a dog is cited under animal ordinances as being aggressive, threatening, dangerous or vicious, courts may at times order the dog be evaluated before making a court order. Owners have the right to obtain an evaluation on their own as evidence. In some cases taking the evaluation to court may have a positive influence on the outcome. The main question is can the dog be released to the owner with a reasonable expectation that the dog will not present a danger to the community.  The likelihood a dog will bite again is influenced by the dog’s behavior, the owner’s ability and willingness to appropriately manage the dog, including providing an appropriate physical and mental stimulating environment.  Aleisha Largent assess those factors in detail during her evaluation.
Evaluations begin with a detailed case history which can be conducted by phone.  Next is an in person meeting in the owner’s home and 100 question Canine Behavioral Assessment call the C-BARQ . The details of her interactions with the owner and the dog will also depend on the details of the ordinance violation.
She will write a professional report for the court and/or the owner detailing her procedures and explaining her findings.  Her conclusions are objective, independent, and based on the facts of the case and own observations.   Aleisha act as neutral party and does not advocate for the dog, the owner or the court.  Her evaluation may or may not be favorable to the dog.
Certified Animal Behaviorists who are academically trained to observe and interpret behavior using scientific principles will provide an evaluation at a different level than individuals without academic training.


Aleisha Largent has been qualified as an expert in animal behavior consulting for Colorado. She is familiar with animal ordinances and animal control services. She has been specializing in canine behavior for over 5 years.

What Aleisha Largent Does

She can provide an objective analysis about the behavior of the animal based on scientific information. She bases her opinions on the facts of the case and scientific knowledge about animal behavior.  She can be retained by the court, as well as by attorneys for the defense and prosecution.

She provides help in formulating questions to be asked of witnesses and owners of animals about the behavior of the animal in question.

She can advise attorneys regarding sources of information about the behavior of the animal in question.

She can provide expert witness testimony about the behavioral tendencies and motivations for the behavior of specific animals.

She can perform a behavioral evaluation or assessment of the animal in question.

She can formulate an opinion about the likelihood or potential for aggression from the animal in question, and whether or not the owners knew or should have known about the animal’s nature and whether or not an injury was foreseeable.

What She Cannot Do

Aleisha Largent cannot make statements or testify that any specific breed of dog are inherently aggressive.

Statement of Legal Fees

She charges $150 for the initial consultation and assessment. $125/hour for time spent in activities relevant to the case which includes but is not limited to reviewing reports, and other materials, researching the scientific literature, conducting interviews, or meeting with clients or attorneys. If called to testify in court, we charge $175/hour for time spent testifying and $100/hour for time spent waiting to testify. Travel time is charged at $125/hour. Expenses are charged as they are incurred.

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