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Doggy Daycare

Why Choose CK K9

At our Doggy Daycare facility we go the extra mile, because we service clients who are willing to go the extra miles. We bring a fun-filled, healthy approach to bringing excitement & joy to your pups creating enrichment to their lives. Doggy daycare is not for everyone. But if you think your pet is ready , then we are the ideal place for your pup! 


We know who you are.... You are a passionate dog owner, so it makes sense to trust your family member with a daycare that will deliver the same passion, love and attention to your pet.

Our Doggy Daycare was created to provide families with an outlet for their pets and to get their pups the extra attention and exercise that they may not have the ability to provide. Our staff of professionals will exercise them as much as they desire, and provide love and attention, and your dogs will come home at the end of the day happy & tired!

What to bring for puppies

All puppies who join us must have their first round of Distemper, Parvo  and Bordetella vaccines as well as a Health Check from your vet within 14 days of starting Day Camp.

All puppies who participate in our Day Camp program must commit to a minimum of 3 days a week on a consistent basis.

Please bring your puppy’s food with you each day you attend, not only for meal time, but as we will use it throughout the day for enrichment and training!

Experienced Team

Our employees are all experienced dog handlers, with varying backgrounds in training, veterinary experience, and dog psychology. The owner has over 15 years of professional dog related experience and experienced professionals caring for your pet. We have one of the best dog handler to dog ratio in the area, and our handlers' first priority is the safety and well-being of your pet.

Puppy Daycare 8 weeks to 7 moths

We’ll keep your pup busy all day long with tons of enrichment activities, learning opportunities and rest time. All paired with positive reinforcement methods of training.

We’ll lend a helping hand in potty training, manners and learning calm and quiet behaviors, all while your pup enjoys both outdoor & indoor playtime, socialization and a plethora of enrichment puzzles.

Puppies 8+ months

Your best friend will make all kinds of new friends here at Doggy Daycare! They’ll enjoy  outdoor playtime with other dogs of similar energy and personality, and while they’re here we will use positive reinforcement methods to reinforce good behaviors that they will work on throughout the day!

We’ll make sure that they get their rest too, as they will always have access to napping areas. We work hard to take the stress out of their day and your’s, so everyone goes home happy.

Daycare & Daycamp Hours

Mon, Wed, Fri 

Drop Off

Pick Up

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