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If a hectic environment or a busy schedule makes in-home training impractical, or if you just want to “jump start” your dog’s training, please consider enrolling your dog in our Board and Train Program.

Your dog will stay at our facility and work with our trainer to learn basic dog obedience commands. All exercise, play and training is done under our trainer & staffs supervision. Our trainer is able to observe, train and interact with your dog in a stimulated home environment, so any of the issues your dog encounters in daily family life can be addressed. 

On a daily basis, training is conducted using positive reinforcement training and confidence building. Your dog will stay in its own Individual 5x5 kennel, plus receive daily exercise and socialization (included in this program).

When it is time to pick up your dog, our trainer will demonstrate what your dog has learned. As well as you will be taught the basic commands your dog has learned to ensure integration back into the home will be as smooth as possible. Also, included in our 2 week program  is 1 follow-up meeting or 2 follow-up meetings with our 30 day program (1-2 weeks later). We want you and your dog to be successful together!  These follow-up meetings are to teach you the training techniques your dog has learned during his/her stay with us.

*We focus on your dogs needs first, but here are some of the fundamentals!*

  • Communication (Good & No)

  • Sit 

  • Down 

  • Release

  • Loose Leash Walking 

  • Heel

  • Stay & Wait

  • Coming When Called

  • Socialization

  • Behavior issues such as nipping, barking, jumping, separation anxiety, fearfulness, leash reactivity, grooming aggression, resource guarding, etc.

  • Kennel


  • Photo updates via social media, email or text message.

  • Exit Bath (if requested)

Exclusivity. After completing our training program, you are apart of the Covenant Keeper's Family! You will receive life time trainer support. 

If you can't take your dog with you on vacation, don't board else where - send him/her to training school! In our reward-based training program, he/ she have fun while learning good manners.

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi


Perfect as a refresher course or to work on that problem area.


Image by Reed  Shepherd


Perfect for learning basic dog manners and obedience!


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