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Please find bellow our Waivers, Training Supply list and Class Requirements


Facility waiver must be signed and returned before starting classes.


This is our consent for photography. If you do not want to have any pictures or videos taken please notify us and we can make arrangements. The consent needs to be submitted before starting class.

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We are very strict on our vaccine requirements. All dogs must be current/ up to date on all vaccines required and proof must be provided before your dog can attended any classes or come to our facility. The health of all dogs in our care is very important to us.


Please make sure to bring all required items to class.


Student Cancellations and No Shows

Lesson schedule changes should be made at least 24 hours prior to the lesson time. No call no shows will be charged for their scheduled times, with a make up class at participant expense.

Missed Classes / Make-up Classes

For any missed lesson you will be responsible for paying a private lesson fee for a make-up class. Students may not attend a different class to make-up for missed classes.  It’s important that the student continues at home practice and use Home work notes to keep up.  We find that missing a single class in a 6-week session is typically not problematic.
If more than one class will be missed in a 6-week session, a make-up private lesson (additional fee applies) is required in order to be eligible to graduate to the next level.  

Weather related closures

We will make a decision based on road conditions in the area and outdoor temperatures immediately surrounding the training center. If your class is cancelled, you will not be charged for that class and a make up class scheduled. All weather-related closure notifications will be done through text message, phone call or email. Please be advised that there could be times, due to weather related factors, these notifications are last minute. 

Other closures

On occasion, classes will have to be cancelled due to instructor illness or travel. We will communicate those situations as early as possible via text message, phone call, e-mail or announcements in class (when lead time allows). If an issue causes a last minute cancellation, we will attempt to call everyone on the class roster. Please make certain we have the correct e-mail address and phone number on file for you. Anytime the instructor cancels class, students will not be charged for the session and students will have their class extended by one week.


Having the whole family on the same page is certainly the best place to be. But our recommendation is that you heavily involve your children who are under 12 years of age in the at home homework, rather than having them do the work during class time. Our group classes are fast paced and taught at an adult level. You won’t have time to translate instructions to your child and get all your reps in. The dog will do best with an adult initially training the behavior. Then, your children can help with the at-home practice to solidify the behavior. It will be less stressful for the dog and more fun for your children that way.

Here is our age specific policy for our group classes.

  • Under 7 years: we require an extra adult be in attendance with children this age

  • 7 – 11 years: are allowed to observe (with instructor approval may be able to assist you in class, ). Children should sit with you in the training ring. Please bring a quiet toy, if needed.

  • 12 – 15 years: at the discretion of the instructor, if this age child has control of the dog, they may be allowed to independently handle a dog in class, with an adult present in the ring.

  • 16 and over: are allowed to attend class without an adult present.

During private lessons, you may choose to bring children of any age.

While in the facility, all children must observe the following rules:

  • Children must stay with their parents at all times.

  • Children may only approach a dog at the facility AFTER getting permission from the dog’s owner or trainer.

  • Children must walk, not run, inside the facility. 

  • Children must remain under control at all times.

Liability Waivers

All adult participants are required to sign a liability waiver prior to starting class. If a minor child will be participating, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver on their behalf.

A copy of our liability waiver can be found above.

Multi Dog Families

Multi dog families are allowed, but there must be 1 person per dog.

COVID Measures

Our location is fully open with important precautions being taken. The health and safety of both our clients and our staff is our top priority. We have made important changes to minimize the risk of COVID transmission in our facilities.

  •   Masks are at participants discretion, but are not a requirement.

  • Social distancing is done both in our classes and in the facility when appropriate.

  • Increased sanitation procedures are in place.

Our entire staff is very appreciative of your continued support through this crisis. 

For those who prefer a more minimalized contact class private lessons are an option.

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