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Intro To Dog Sports

Sept 23rd & 24th, 2023

Confluence Park Lions Pavillion

Delta, Co

Schedule (Tentative changes may occur)
    9 am Sled Dog  (Talk only) By Rocky Mountain Sled Club
    9:30 am Bikejoring/skijoring By Lynn Whipple & Laurie Bandt
    10:30 am Break
    11 am FastCat & Lure Coursing (talk only) By Michele Bisbee
    11:30 am Break
    12 pm Focus, Engagement & Play with Obedience By Brenda & Kachayla Cronk
  12:30 pm Rally By Brenda & Kachayla Cronk
    1 pm Lunch Break
    2:30 pm Protection Sports
    3:30 pm Disc
    4:30 pm Fly Ball By Stephanie Daggs
    6 pm Closed for Day

    9 am Nosework By Johnnie Farmer & Nancy Schmidt
    10 am Break
    10:30 am Dance & Tricks Nancy Schmidt & Brenda Cronk
    11:30 am Break
    12 pm Agility Suzanne Ratchner Trace Your Path Agility
    1 pm Lunch Break
    2:30 pm Barnhunt By Brenda Cronk
    3:30 pm Working Dogs & Tracking/Trailing By Cheryl Yaws (Retired K9 Handler)
  4:30 pm Fitness & Conditioning By Brenda Cronk
  5 pm Dock Diving By Brenda Cronk
  6 pm SUP with your pup By Aleisha Largent

Dog Contest

Full weekend working spot $150

Doggie Stay

Saturday Working $75

Dog in Farm

Sunday Working $75

Dog Sledding

Audit $50-$100

Please come join us for a 1st of its kind, to the western slope, weekend workshop! 12 trainers and 16+ sports that will be discussed, demonstrated and taught some foundations for! We will be doing demo's and training for sports that we can, some will be discussion only. 

If you have always wondered what sports are out there, wanted to try a sport or just looking for more fun to have with your dog this is the best place to start!

We have full weekend working spots (bring your dog to learn with), Saturday or Sunday working spots, Full weekend Audit spots (come by yourself, no dog) and Saturday or Sunday audit spots. A portion of the proceeds will go towards the Delta County 4H Dog project to help them purchase new equipment. This event is free to 4h kids & leaders. Enrollment is still required!!! There is a special 4h tab in enrollment payment area. 

A huge 'Thank You" to Chow Down Pet Supplies for their Donation of our Raffle Gift Basket. Everyone who enrolls is automatically entered!

Tayllor Pittman will be doing Powder Photo's & Portraits on Sunday.

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