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CKK9 Club Membership

Opting for a monthly membership for dog training offers several benefits that can greatly enhance your dog’s learning experience and ensure long-term success. Here are some compelling reasons why a monthly membership could be advantageous: 


Consistent Progress 

Ongoing Learning: Regular training sessions help reinforce learned behaviors and build on them over time, ensuring your dog continues to improve.

Structured Routine: Dogs thrive on routine. Regular classes provide a structured environment that promotes better learning and retention. 


Comprehensive Training

Holistic Approach: Monthly membership covers a variety of training aspects, from basic obedience to specialized skills, ensuring a well-rounded training experience. 

Access to Multiple Classes: Members can attend different classes to address various aspects of behavior and training needs, such as agility, socialization, and problem-solving.



Value for Money: A monthly membership can be more economical than paying for individual classes, providing more training hours at a reduced cost.

Additional Perks: Membership comes with added benefits, such as discounts on products, priority booking for classes, and access to exclusive events. 

Enhanced Support

Ongoing Guidance: Our Trainers can provide continuous support and adjustments to training plans based on your dog's progress, ensuring personalized attention.

Community Engagement: Being part of a membership program allows you to connect with other dog owners, share experiences, and support each other’s training journeys. 


Flexibility and Convenience 

Flexible Scheduling: Members have the flexibility to attend classes that fit their schedule, making it easier to maintain consistent training.


Behavioral Maintenance

Prevention of Regression: Regular training helps prevent behavioral regression, ensuring that your dog maintains and builds on their progress.

Adaptation to New Challenges: As your dog progresses, new challenges and goals can be introduced to keep them engaged and continually improving. 

By choosing our monthly membership, you and your dog can benefit from a consistent, supportive, and cost-effective training program that promotes lasting positive behavior changes and a strong bond between you and your furry friend.


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